Beads reduce stress and look good, homemade can also be explosive

#1 Simple senior, monochrome enough
Needless to say, monochrome beading must be the simplest style of beaded jewelry. String beads of the same color together with fishing line, and choose the length you like according to different styles. You can make it into an ordinary necklace or shorten it to become a choker, which is simple and practical.
Small string of beads plasticity is very strong, can be based on different braided transformation of different colors, different color style. Translucent purples, pinks, greens, yellows, etc., plus clear transparent beads, give girls some dreamy color.

#2 Mix enough easy material to look good
In order to catch the tail of summer, beading in a variety of colors gives your neck a lot of buzz, and this passionate, high-saturation color scheme is perfect for vacation swimwear and straw hats.
Even if you have a plain home outfit, you can use beads to create a sense of style, but you can also maintain a sense of style at home by relying on accessories
The interesting thing about color mixing is that you can combine different colors to give you a different surprise every time. You can also mix a few pearls to keep the colors from getting too confusing.
Beaded styles are very many, in addition to the ordinary color beads, and face, letters, bears, flowers, bows can be selected, casually mixed together is very good-looking.
Irregular pearls, crushed stone, plastic colored beads and metal can all appear in the same necklace at the same time, and the combination of different materials is enough to create different chemical reactions.

#03 Everything can be beaded from head to toe

When it comes to the beading fire, it's no longer fun to make necklaces

In fact, beading is not a blind trend, lovely route. As long as you use your imagination, beads can make the beauty of flowers so vivid and elegant

Korean jewelry brand Vintage Hollywood 2021 Summer collection has a similar look, combining long green beads with flower-shaped beads. The youthful and vibrant colorful beading is not suitable for summer.

Everything can be beaded. Small beads are not only super plastic, but also can be done at home. Use colorful beads to transition your summer and autumn seasons. Have you ever made beaded jewelry yourself?

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