The meaning of various beads

The round beads

Round beads imply completeness. Round beads are one of the most classic beads in the string, with high discrimination and easy to play. Round beads combine with the traditional folk culture of China and the pleasing traditional folk culture, meaning happiness and perfection and the hope of a happy life for a family reunion. In ancient times, round beads were used as prayer beads for counting. The appearance of hand strings made of them is atmospheric and calm, which accords with the aesthetic taste of Chinese people.

The bucket of beads

Bucket beads imply that everything comes true. Bucket beads are the mainstream modeling of hand strings. According to the literal meaning, beads are shaped like barrels, some are like red wine barrels, with thin ends and thick middle. Some are like cans, thick up and down, polished into a cylindrical shape. The beads are larger in size and are interspersed with other round beads for spacing.



Apple beads

Apple beads meaning in peace, apple beads on both sides of the relatively flat, the middle and drum, squat squat appearance like apple, so do apple beads. Apple ball itself is very distinctive, round shape without edges and corners, pick up can play, the middle of the larger pores. The shape of apple beads is unique, suitable for young people to wear.


Jujube beads

Jujube beads imply red, jujube beads shape like jujube, jujube beads polished into a round shape, the same as when you see jujube, the middle convex, both ends of the small, the surface is very smooth. Jujube beads look like olives, so they are also called olive beads, which have the meaning of good luck and happiness.


Abacus beads

Abacus beads are beads made by imitation of the old abacus. They are large and flat and similar to tablets. The appearance of abacus beads is also called wheel beads. The abacus has been used for technical accounting since ancient times. As the saying goes, once the abacus rings, the gold is ten thousand liang. Abacus beads have the beautiful meaning of making money every day.






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