• The meaning of various beads

    The round beads Round beads imply completeness. Round beads are one of the most classic beads in the string, with high discrimination and easy to play. Round beads combine with the traditional folk culture of China and the pleasing traditional folk culture, meaning happiness and perfection and the hope of a happy life for a family reunion. In ancient times, round beads were used...
  • Beads reduce stress and look good, homemade can also be explosive

    #1 Simple senior, monochrome enough Needless to say, monochrome beading must be the simplest style of beaded jewelry. String beads of the same color together with fishing line, and choose the length you like according to different styles. You can make it into an ordinary necklace or shorten it to become a choker, which is simple and practical. Small string of beads plasticity is...
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